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Šuillakku, 2008

Loaned to
Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
sound installation: 10 subwoofers, MiniMac, external hard disk, LCD monitor, digital optic  cables,  cables  BNC,  Behringer  Ultrapatch  Pro  PX3000  Patchbay  commutabile  /  switch,  Behringer  Ultragain  Pro-8 Digital ADA8000. M-AUDIO Profire Lightbridge, Ardour, 40 loudspeakers, 10 subwoofers; voice: Yemenite horn,  ram’s  horn,  Jewish  shofar,  bamboo  flute,  double-reed  flute,  dung  chen,  launeddas,  nay,  lyre  of  Ur,  begena,  tanbur, kora, santoor, African lute, bronze cowbell, sleigh bells, wind chimes, bull roarers, Indian elephant bell, san-ctus  bell,  ankle  bells,  wood  bells,  metal  ratte,  sistrums,  wasamba,  pandereta,  sege-sege,  wood  bowls,  coconut  shell,  windblown leaves, Mexican beans, pod, shells, bamboo, metal tubes, funnel, modified shakers, shaker made of bone, kayamba, modified mallets, goat nails, birdcalls, castanets, cymbals, T’ang ku, dhyangro, clashed cymbals, aluminium plate with sizzle, wood plates, semanterion, copper plates, anvil, udu, sandglass drum, bendir, gong, damaru, bodhràn, ocean drum, tin cans tambourine, glass mortar, bronze mortar, broken glasses, guira, zithers takumbe, angklung, tem-ple block, elephant whip, badminton racket, twig brush, marimbula, gopichand, putipù made of African pumpkinches. Hardware: Macintosh G5. Edirol Audio Capture FA-66. Edirol PCR-1. Mixer Yamaha MG-124 CX; microphones: Schertler  Dyn-ABG-Set,  Sennheiser  E  602-II,  AKG  C  1000S,  Rode  NT5.  AKG  C2000B;  Software:  Cubase  SE

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©Roberto Cuoghi - Courtesy Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli-Torino foto di Paolo Pellion - Proprietà della Fondazione per l'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT
The Artist
Roberto Cuoghi has made metamorphosis the weapon of his survival, as well as his artistic tool. At the age of twenty-five he transformed his own body until he came to resemble his father. He assumed the appearance and manners of a person more than sixty years old, living this way for almost seven years, in a gesture that blurs the boundaries between his private world and his artistic practice. Taking back possession of his own life, from an adult viewpoint, Cuoghi continues to adhere closely to the idea of metamorphosis, changing the initial physical process into successive operations that are exquisitely mental. In his art, transformation is the principle that ties the investigation of themes of time and memory to the continuous confusion between appearance and reality.[...]
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