Neves Marques
Date of birth
An avid reader of science-fiction stories ever since he was a child, Pedro Neves Marques transfers this passion to his film works and his no less prolific production of essays and literature. Forever midway between the reality of the present and the fiction of the future, these works reflect on the dichotomy between nature and culture, the human and the non-human, the biological and the transgenic, and show how impossible it is today to outline the borders of these categories with any certainty. Placing art in dialogue with other disciplines, such as genetics and botany, and coupling thorough scientific research with field studies typical of anthropology, Neves Marques creates works that address the burning themes of our times: the charm exerted by new technologies, colonialism, the militarisation of medical research and, last but not least, sexuality and non-binary identities. [...]
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