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The phrase “Forse sono io che mi sbaglio. Ma io continuo a dire che siamo tutti in pericolo” (“Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll keep on saying that we are all in danger”) constitutes Pier Paolo Pasolini 2009, an installation created by Marzia Migliora in the year indicated in the title. Spoken on the afternoon of November 1, 1975, this was the last phrase transcribed by Furio Colombo during an interview he held with Pasolini in Rome. It was then published on November 8, 1975, in “Tuttolibri,” the supplement to the Turin newspaper La Stampa. Because of the late hour, Pasolini requested until the following morning to respond to the journalist’s final question ( “Pasolini, if that’s how you see life—I don’t know if you will accept this question—how do you hope to avoid the risk and danger involved?”), and to rework in writing some of the concepts they had discussed. [...]
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