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“I call on you to make a terrific leap into the future.
In a sense, earth life is a dream. It can be viewed and analyzed as one—that is, as an expression of living entities who have their primary existence in a larger scheme of reality. Now, the dream should become lucid.
Written on a daily basis beginning in 1964, and often rewritten in subsequent years, John McCracken’s notes provide a primary key for accessing his art. Visionary but absolutely coherent, McCracken is the author of a body of works in which the language of New York-style minimalism sparks the creation of an original idiom where a West Coast sensibility is translated into forms both futuristic and ancient, suspended, as the artist has stated, between the stones of Stonehenge, Egyptian sculptures, UFOs, surfboards, and the car bodies that speed past along the highways of Los Angeles, the city where he lived. [...]
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