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Using cutting blades of the type commonly available for sale, Ibrahim Abumsmar created Cutting Edge in 2012. Arranged one next to another, with the diagonal cutting edge turned upward, the blades are driven into a base about one meter high, with the result that the piece as a whole asserts itself in the space as a threatening, potentially lethal presence. The artist has stated that the work is a direct reference to the wall Israel has constructed in the West Bank, beginning in 2000. Also known as a “security fence,” a “barrier of Israeli separation,” and, for Palestinians, a “wall of racial separation,” the barrier is made of barricades, barbed-wire enclosures, electronic doors and reinforced-concrete walls, eight meters tall. It follows a winding path that partially coincides with the Green Line and in portions extends into the occupied Palestinian territories, for a length of almost 700 kilometers. The subject of serious controversy, the wall has been justified by Israel as a defence against violent terrorist attacks of Palestinian origin. [...]
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