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In a 2007 interview, in response to a question about what he was working on at that moment, Claudio Abate responded, “I am working on irony. A key to the interpretation of the reality that is capable of raising me out of the sadness
of our time, without being forced to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich. I prefer allusions to declamations, they are more erotic.”
(Codognato, M., “Interview with Claudio Abate,” in Bonito Oliva, A., ed., Claudio Abate, Fotografo. Mart: Rovereto, 2007).
Looking at Abate’s photographs, one would be tempted to say that irony, far from being the theme of just his recent research, is rather an attitude that has accompanied him since his earliest works devoted to artists and their art. [...]
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