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January 6 1973, 1973

Loaned to
GAM Galleria d'Arte Moderna
John Weber Gallery Publication, New York, paperback/letterpress cover and 12 plates printed on the recto only, illustrated in full page with 11 famous self-portraits of old masters and 1 photograph of the artist. Artist's book published on the occasion of the inauguration of Salvo Mangione's personal exhibition at the John Weber Gallery in New York held in January 1973.

12cm x 16.9cm

The Artist
The work in the collection, San Martino e il povero (Saint Martin and the Beggar), 1974, belongs to the first series of works that mark Salvo’s return to pictorial language. In 1969 he began using photography to create self-portraits where he wears the clothing of various figures, from a dancer to a bandit to the artist par excellence, in his well-known Autoritratto (come Raffaello) (Self-portrait – as Raphael), 1970, and then the Lucerne series, 1970-75, where he portrays himself as a benedictory Christ.
Salvo has constructed a distinctive artistic personality through processes of linguistic overlapping. [...]
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